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오랜 경험우수한 기술력으로,
인류의 삶의 질 향상을 위해 항상 노력합니다.
회사소개 제조부문 무역&해외투자부문 제품소개 연구개발 공지사항
Service center
공지사항 고객센터 홍보센터 인재채용
Service center
Product/Installation Manual After-sales service Manual Calibration Inquiry Product Inquiry
Guidelines for Calibration Enquiries HSCMT Calibration Introduction

· A copy of the business registration certificate is required for smooth reception when receiving correction.

· Download the calibration receipt/contract (application) file If you download the "Application for calibration" in advance, fill it out or fax it to us, it will be more convenient. (fax:031-8021-0993)

· On-site calibration, the front or rear end of the flowmeter must have at least 3D intuition.

· Calibration system flow rate measurement range: liquid 0.06㎥/h to 2,000㎥/h

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Contact information
Flowmeter type
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Calibration type
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Automatic input prevention
자동등록방지 숫자를 순서대로 입력하세요.
Consent to collect and use personal information

1. Collection, use, and purpose of personal information: Check the information of the person in charge, check the contents of inquiries, and notify the results of the processing.
2. Items of personal information to be collected
- Name, contact, email
3. Retention and use period of personal information: Until the completion date of handling inquiries
4. You may not agree to collect and use personal information. If you refuse to consent, there may be service restrictions such as reply to inquiries.

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