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With long experience and excellent technology,
We always strive to improve the quality of human life.
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President's Greetings

HSCMT Co., Ltd. represents the Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) for flowmeters, heat meters,
water meters, lever meters, and pipe-network management solutions (water supply, heat).


As the saying goes, "We spend money like water," we often forget the importance of water and tend to perceive water as an always-available infinite resource. However, it is known that one-third of the world's population experiences high levels of stress due to population growth and climate change. Korea was also designated as a water shortage country by Population Action International (PAI). Water, the source of life, is a finite resource and must be managed and used efficiently.

HSCMT Co., Ltd. recognized the importance of water resources and developed and commercialized ultrasonic sensor technology for the first time in Korea since the 1990s to accurately measure water resources. Today, the company is the only manufacturer of ultra-precision measuring instruments and possesses the source technology in Korea. As a result of concentrating all our capabilities on developing, producing, and distributing accurate smart measuring instrument for over 30 years, we have emerged as the first and best smart measuring instrument manufacturer in Korea.

Now, HSCMT Co., Ltd. is taking a new leap forward through change and innovation based on the history of the past 30 years.

HSCMT Co., Ltd. set the goal of an intelligent water management system (IWMS) that combines smart measuring instruments and IT technology for precise measurement and continue to maintain our reputation as Korea's best water resources company by providing total solutions in predicting and preventing accidents and measuring and analyzing systematic and efficient water resource management.

HSCMT Co, Ltd. will advance into the world as a small but strong company and a global technology leader to introduce its proprietary technology to the world instead of being satisfied as the first and best in Korea. We shall write a new history in Korea's smart measuring instrument industry.

HSCMT Co., Ltd. currently exports multipath ultrasonic flowmeters, battery ultrasonic water meters, and ultrasonic heat meters through overseas networks. Based on this, we bring together all our capabilities on advancing and expanding HSCMT's advanced water resource-related comprehensive solutions overseas.

For a new leap forward, we will do our best to expand the “value of technology” to “globalization of technology” so that HSCMT’s technology and products can become the world standard beyond Korea.

In the future, HSCMT Co., Ltd. promises to continuously change and innovate to become a symbol of integrity, trust, and promise as a representative company of Korea’s smart measuring instrument industry.

Thank you

Byoung-Hoon Kim, President