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Ultrasonic water meter
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Ultrasonic water meter
EnerRay ultrasonic heat meters combine ICT technology to collect/analyze data from heat rate networks to support decision-making and maintain/manage heat rate networks efficiently and sustainably anywhere in daily life.
UR-1000W transducer

UR-1000W complies with the technical standards for water meters qualification per the Metering Act. Ultrasonic water meters for proper metering of water use have a wide effective measuring range with a low dead zone. There is no actuator and pressure loss, so it has excellent durability during the validity period with built-in storage and communication functions for measured values.

Measurement Principle

UR-1000W ultrasonic water meter measures the water flow rate using an improved ultrasonic transit time difference method, which uses the principle that the speed of fluid changes the propagation speed of ultrasonic pulses. Arrival times of ultrasonic pulse are different as it propagates forwardly and reversely through medium (water) and the time difference proportional to flow velocity.

Technical Data
Method Dual integral flow-velocity measurement by multipath ultrasonic time difference
Path Wet multipath Z method (insertion)
Measurement path 3path(50 ~ 125 ㎜) / 5path(150 ~ 350 ㎜)
Target fluid Water supply (transaction)
Fluid condition Turbidity: 5,000 mg/L or less
Straight line requirement Upstream 5D, Downstream 2D or more
Flow velocity -30 ~ +30 ㎧
Turn down ratio 250 (type approval)
Diameter 50 ~ 350 ㎜
Installation Flange type (KS D 3578 F15, KS B 1511)
Material Measuring tube: STS304, sensor: PE (option: STS316)
Protection class IP68(3 bar / 450 hour)
Allowable pressure 15 bar
Standard Water meters standard (type 2)
Shape Separated type
Display items Instantaneous flow rate (5 digits), integrated flow rate (9 digits), path-specific flow velocity, temperature, path-specific graph, menu in Korean, self-diagnosis, scope function
Measurement class Type 2 (Q2 or more: within ±0.5% RD)
Display unit L, ㎥(h, min, s)
Output 4-20 mA, Pulse, Frequency
Communication RS-232, RS-485, Modbus-RTU
Save / Download Instantaneous flow rate, integrated flow rate, power history, error history, calibration history, lock history
IP rating IP65(optional : IP67)
Power AC 110 / 220V, DC 24V
Operating -20 ~ +60 ℃

· Requires short straight pipes at the end of the curved pipe (upstream 5D, downstream 2D)

· Use field-proven circuits employing advanced noise-cancellation technology

· No moving parts inside

· No pressure loss and wide flow measurement range

· Measurement and transmission of pressure data


· Smart remote meter reading for water use transactions for large water users

· Managed-block flow measurement, utility independent flow measurement, agricultural remote water meter