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Products Battery-powered ultrasonic water meter
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Battery-powered ultrasonic water meter
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Battery-powered ultrasonic water meter
AQUA-W is a low-power real-time measurement water meter completed with domestic precise and reliable technology.
It is an intelligent, multi-purpose integral meter with additional functions such as
remote communication and pressure and temperature measurement.
Large diameter (200 ~ 350 ㎜)
Small diameter (50 ~ 150 ㎜)
Remote Display & LTE Unit

The innovative product supports remote meter reading, including small block/flow monitoring using IOT Communication.
Ultrasonic water meters precisely measure minute changes in the propagation time of ultrasonic waves in a fluid flow, has no pressure loss due to pipe diameter reduction and mechanical actuator, and can be installed alone while using batteries.

Measurement Principle

AQUA-W is arranged by evenly dividing two horizontal pairs of ultrasonic vibrators on the pipe and measures the linear flow velocity of the corresponding path in real-time. It calculates and integrates the flow rate by applying the flow measurement formula to each position's linear flow velocity value. Here, the 3D measuring unit precisely measures the geometric elements formed by the ultrasonic waves.

Technical Data
Ultrasonic measurement Path Wet 2 paths (propagation time difference)
Sensor frequency 1 ㎒
MCU STM32L, 32 ㎒
Wireless communication Remote Display & LTE Unit (LTE-CAT.M1): 900 ㎒, 1.8 ㎓
Power supply Measuring unit Li-SOCI2 Battery, 133 Ah 
Secondary indicato Li-SOCI2 Battery, 38 Ah
Display Integrated flow 1234567.89 ㎥
Instantaneous flow rate 123.456 ㎥/h
Pressure 123.456 bar
Status instrument error, indication for fully filled pipes, battery level
Flange standard KS D 3578
Data communication Measuring unit Serial communication, IrDA (115,200 bps)
Remote Display & LTE Unit Serial communication, RS-232C, RS-485 (optional) 115,200 bps
· Data collection interval: 1 minute ~ 1 hour with step of 1 minute
· Wireless data transmission interval: 1 minute ~ 6 hours with step of 1 minute
· Bluetooth: when connected with a designated Android app
Memory RAM 128 KB 
FRAM(non-volatile) 128 KB, expandable to 2 MB (optional)
Material Measuring unit ABS
Measuring unit STS-304
Performance Type 2, 250 turn down ratio , environmental rating C
Ultra-precise digital measurement

1. High measurement precision with turn down ratio of 250 as water meters for large water users with complete digital ultrasonic measurement

2. Accurate flow measurement even for low flow velocity of ~0.02 ㎧ or less and AI algorithm to self-diagnose for partially filled pipes, backflow, air bubbles, sensor errors, etc.

3. Database without loss of measurement results

4. Simultaneously performs remote meter reading and pipe network monitoring

5. Minimum straight pipes required (5D / 3D)

Wireless data transmission

1. Check the measurement status of AQUA-W from outside the manhole with MiniCAT-C1 displaying digital measurement results.

2. It collects/stores information (e.g., flow rate, pressure, and instrument status), transmits the collected data at least every minute in the LTE-CAT.M1 method, and strengthens security through encryption when data is transmitted.

Low construction/maintenance cost

1. AQUA-W and MiniCAT-C1, powered by built-in batteries, do not require external power construction during installation and can be used for up to 8 years without battery replacement by using a power-saving algorithm.

2. MiniCAT-C1 configures remote meter reading and small block flow monitoring systems for large water users at low cost without construction required for power supply and LOP(Local Operation Panel) installation and enables remote data transmission even in closed places such as manholes or common ducts.

3. Small protective panels are available when necessary.