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Field instrumentation
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Field instrumentation
A system that collects and organically combines switches, disconnectors, measuring instruments, relays and other instruments necessary for control, monitoring, and protection, including a case for installing and protecting them. Install measuring instruments such as flowmeters, level meters, and instruments that require control at the desired location, configure electronic components for smooth operation, and install enclosures to manage external shocks, basins, temperature, humidity, etc. When necessary, it enables field monitoring and control of remote locations and monitoring and control-related data through communication from the upper side and custom-made through optimized design tailored to site conditions by reflecting customer requirements.

Flowmeter transducer panel


Field automatic control panel


Flowmeters transducer panel


Cover sheets to prevent illegal posting (optional)


Usage and composition
For the desired-location installation and smooth operation of measuring and control instruments such as flowmeters and lever meters, when it is necessary to manage external shock, dust, temperature, humidity, etc., by configuring electronic components and installing an enclosure, it can be configured to collect data required for monitoring from a remote location and communicate with the upper side. It is custom-made through an optimized design tailored to the site conditions by incorporating the customer's requirements.

Notation and Classification
L - - - -
(Line Of Position)
S : Stand S : Standard
E : Elevated P : Partially Filled Pipe
P : Pressure A : Area
O : Water Channels T : TM Equipment
I : Oil TD : TM Equipment + Drain Pump
G : Gas ETD : Meter +TM Equipment + Drain Pump
W : Wall-Mounted
Note Except for LEDS, LST exception / Enclosure size and internal electronics can be modified
Product Composition
Stand Support Type
Stand-alone Type