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Multipath ultrasonic flowmeter
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Multipath ultrasonic flowmeter
EnerRay ultrasonic heat meters combine ICT technology to collect/analyze data from heat rate networks to support decision-making and maintain/manage heat rate networks efficiently and sustainably anywhere in daily life.
Filled pipes

General type UR-1100


Pressure type UR-1100-P


Smart type UR-1100-S


Direct Non-stopping Installation Type UR-1100-H (Cold&Hot-tapping)

Partially filled pipes

Partially filled pipes UR-1100-UL


Channels UR-1100-OC


Open channel transducer


Built-in transducer


Ultra-precise flowmeters measure the flow velocity and flow rate in filled and partially filled pipes, open channels, canals and rivers used throughout water supply, hydrology, sewage, and industries. Wet ultrasonic sensor layout actively applies flow velocity and distribution changes.

Measurement Principle

Divides the measurement cross section into parallel multipath (3 pairs or more), automatically zeros the round trip propagation time measurement, and then measures the line distance and flow velocity. Uses direct and multiple reflection signals between two facing sensors to precisely measure the propagation time and perform stable measurements with double integration even at low flow rates and flow calculation.

Technical Data
Measuring path 3 path (50 ~ 125 mm) / 5 path (150 ~ 10,000 mm)
Straight pipe runs Fully filled pipes Upstream 3D, downstream 2D or more
Partially filled pipes Upstream 5D, downstream 3D or more
Flow range Fully filled pipes -30 ~ +30 ㎧(0.01 ㎧ or more),
Partially filled pipes -30 ~ +30 ㎧(0.02 ㎧ or more)
DN range Fully filled pipes Flange (KS D 3578 F15, KS B 1511, ANSI, DIN, etc.),
Clamp branching (hot tapping): UR-1100-H
Partially filled pipes Flange: 150 ~ 3,000 ㎜,
Branching: 150 ~ 15,000 ㎜ (on demand for less than 150 ㎜)
Pipe material Steel pipe (epoxy powder coating), Optional: STS304, etc.
Transducer material PE, Optional: STS316, Teflon, Titanium, etc.
Protection class IP68(3 bar / 450 hour)
Operating temperature -30 ~ 85 ℃, Optional: fluid temperature up to 180 ℃

· High accuracy: ±0.2 ~ 0.5%, almost no effect of fluid (temperature, pressure, properties)

· High redundancy: Double integral of multipath flow velocity distribution, no influence of pipe changes (pipe material, thickness, lining, temperature, etc.)


· Non-stopping Installation : install transducer and maintain under pressure without process shut-down (hot-tap)

· Various transducer : Apply transducer structures and materials suitable for the given environment

· Short straight pipes: 5D at the upstream end / 2D at the downstream (In conformity with the installation standards of the Ministry of Environment)


· Hot Tapping Maintenance: Possible to maintain under pressure without process shut-down (no need by-pass line)

· Data log: Large-capacity logging of measurement data and monitoring backup

· Self-diagnosis: Status history monitoring and self-diagnosis, i.e., automatic zeroing, power failure and measurement error