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Electromagnetic flowmeter
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Electromagnetic flowmeter
MF-Series Electromagnetic flowmeters for this process flowmeters are high-precision and high-reliability products with continually improved performance. They apply to conductive liquids such as water supply, sewage, wastewater, and seawater by combining the highest edge technology, lining technology, electrode cleaning technology, and intelligent technology.
Separated Type

Separated Type MF-1100


Separated Type MF-1000Pro


Separated Type MF-1000S


All-in-one MF-1000C


The MF-Series is a measuring instrument that measures the flow rate by using an electromotive force proportional to the fluid flow. It can be used as a hydraulic manometer outside the pipe, and the measured data is stored and managed safely in the built-in memory for more than ten years for real-time data monitoring using RS-232, RS485 communication, etc.

Measurement Principle

According to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, when an electric current flows through a coil to form a magnetic field, the magnetic force line generated in the coil penetrates perpendicularly to the pipe through which the fluid flows. According to Fleming's right-hand rule, when a fluid flows in a direction perpendicular to the vertical magnetic force lines, the flow rate is calculated by measuring the electromotive force proportional to the average flow velocity using electrodes on both sides at right angles to them.

Technical Data
Applicable diameter 10 ~ 1200 ㎜ (on demand for 10 mm or less)
Flow velocity -12 ~ +12 ㎧
Accuracy ±1.0%(0.1 ~ 0.3 ㎧) ±0.5%(0.3 ㎧이상)
Conductivity 5 ㎲/㎝ or more(200 ㏀)
Display items Instantaneous flow rate, integrated flow rate, flow direction, flow units, flow velocity, alarms, pressure (optional)
Screen display Graphic LCD (128X96), Korean
Self-diagnosis Forward/reverse direction, empty tube detection, coil short-circuit detection, self-cleaning (optional)
Input 4 ~ 20 ㎃ (pressure)
Output 4 ~ 20 mA, pulse (A, B contact), frequency
Communication RS-232, RS-485,(MODBUS-RTU), TMS
Data storage Up to 600,000 or more (10-minute intervals: 10 years)
Data export USB download

· Exceeds the flowmeters guidelines of the Water Act and the Ministry of Environment (performance, sealing, and history management regulations)

· Conforming to the procurement requirements (conformity, sanitary and safety, radio wave certification) and KS standards

· Downloadable using a variety of data storage and external storage devices (USB) due to the use of large-capacity memory

· User-intuitive and convenient menu configuration (Korean), correction, output calibration, and verification

· Protected from vibration by firmly fixing the excitation coil and has a submerged structure.

· Repairable on the site with replaceable terminal blocks (removable waterproof gel)

· Flowmeters with the shortest straight pipes


· Measure the instantaneous and integrated flow rates of conductive liquids in fully filled pipes.

· Measure the flow rate in both directions of drinking water, wastewater, and process fluid. (Conductivity 5 ㎲/cm or more)

· Water supply, sewage, wastewater, steel, chemical

· Industrial process plants (e.g., various utilities such as cooling water and desalination)